Bridal Boudoir Photographer  Based in Colchester, Essex  |  THE EXPERIENCE
Bridal Boudoir Photographer Based in Colchester, Essex | THE EXPERIENCE

I really suggest you have a night out after your shoot, because you'll be looking amazing!!

Once the photos are ready (usually 2-3 weeks) I'll invite you back to view them, or if you'd prefer you can view them online. Your gallery will be available for 2 weeks, to allow you to make your product choices. Your boudoir photo shoot includes £100 credit towards products, but you are welcome to purchase more if you would like to. You can buy prints, albums, wall art, folios or digital files.

What Happens Afterwards?

When you arrive at Kerrie' house you'll be greeted by Tagg the dog (let me know if you don't like dogs!!) and we'll make you a drink and offer you some breakfast/lunch.

You'll most likely hop into the hair chair first where Louise will get to work creating your first hairstyle. Charlotte and I will then begin to go through the outfits you have brought with you and discuss which three looks we should photograph you in. We may also add in some extra bits of clothing from our own stores to add to your looks as well.

Once your hair is in place, Amanda will have you over to the make-up chair to being your transformation! Charlotte and I will then start to think about the 'sets' we will photograph you in, placing props, and preparing the area (most likely moving furniture!!)

As soon as you are dressed and made-up we'll start to photograph you in your first outfit. You'll be guided and directed the entire time by Kerrie and Charlotte, and we'll refer to you pinterest boards along the way.

Each outfit change, will also mean a hair and make-up touch up too, so you'll have three different looks to choose from when you purchase your products.

What Happens At The Shoot?

I recommend booking all if possible just because it will make you feel amazing and we'll end up with some really beautiful portraits of you. Styling will make your shoot entirely unique to you and your tastes, and outfits will come together like you never imagined! By having your hair and make-up done you'll feel incredible as well as look it. All three of these elements when put together really help to boost your confidence during your shoot, and confidence is what we need for those dazzling images!

Plus if you book all three, you'll go home with a goody bag of products too!

Do I Really Need Hair / Make-up / Styling?

Once you have booked and we have all settled on a date, you'll be in touch with Amanda, Louise and Kerrie to discuss your make-up looks, hair styles, and clothing choices plus if you opt for styling too Charlotte will be on hand to help create some fun props for you. This is often done through pinterest, where you can pin your ideas for us all to see.

What Happens After I Book?

Feeling Nervous?

Know that nerves are completely natural. Not knowing what to expect, is always the most nervous part of a boudoir photo shoot. I can assure you though, that we are all a bunch of really friendly ladies (meet us by clicking here), and we're only here to make you feel incredible about yourself.

Think you'll need some moral support? You can always bring along a friend, and if you both want a photo shoot you'll save yourselves £50 each!

Boudoir isn't just about posing in your underwear, in fact you don't have to be in underwear only if don't want to be. Boudoir is about creating beautiful portraits of you, in a creative and fun environment. Think of it as a Gok Wan experience, only with your clothes on!

The Experience